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New Radeon 3850X2 specs.

Written by Andreas G 27 March 2008 15:47

As we said so many times before, AMD loves multi-GPU and just keeps pushing for ways of combining several GPUs to compete with NVIDIA's more powerful single-GPU solutions. Earlier this month we reported about how AMD was planning to launch a new dual-GPU card called Radeon HD 3850X2, and that it would arrive in late Q2, just in time for Computex. The exact specifications were unknown at the time, but it seems one of our forum users was right when he guessed that the memory might be cut in half.
Radeon HD 3850X2 will sport two RV670 cores running at a yet undetermined frequency, but most likely 668MHz. The memory buffer will be two sets of 256MB GDDR3 memory running at "only" 1.8GHz. However, overclocked versions and even versions with more memory should be expected from partners, which means that you might be able to find Radeon HD 3850X2 cards running at ~750-800MHz core and 1GB memory, perhaps also overclocked.
With the excellent yields, they can keep launching new cards that uses the same core, but in different ways and just start piling up money from the increased sales. The price will be slightly lower, somewhere in the $299-349 range.,7561.html


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