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GT200b 55nm on Pre Order?

Ledtek has announced that they will be releasing a GTX280 Extreme. This is very suspicious because the clocks are very high for an overclocked edition. The clocks are set at 738 MHz core, 1666 MHz shader and 2520 MHz memory.

738 MHz, that is insane for an overclocked edition! The information can be found here.
I only think that this could be the 55nm card because the EVGA WC edition of the GTX280 has a lower core clock at 670mhz.
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ATI 4870X2 Launches on Aug 12!

The long awaited ATI 4870X2 finally has a projected release date of mid August. Sources say that this beast is going to have 2gb of GDDR5 memory and have a starting price of around $550. This price is okay considering that two ATI 4870 will be more expensive than this even though the 4870X2 is going to preform a little bit better.
Some sites are beginning to say that this card will not only beat the GTX280, but beat it sometimes up to 80%! This has to be spectacular news for ATI/AMD as they are still trying to get themselves out from underneath that financial cloud.
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