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Rumor: MacBook Touch Coming in October!

The highly anticipate MacBook Touch is supposedly set to release in October. This new MacBook is fully interactive with a touch screen, hints the name "Touch."
This thing look so nice and sleek to the eye and it will be on my to buy list as soon as it comes out! Reports say that it cost Apple a lot of money to put this new technology together, but they are going to sell it at a very low starting price for the technology it uses. The price was not released, but expect it to be around $2000.
It the reports it states that it will come with Mac OS X, Slot-loading Superdrive,Accelerometer and GPS.
This is a very nice MacBook that every body will be waiting for it they can afford it!

55nm GTX280 To Launch at Nvision 08!

A source close to Nvidia found out that they will be releasing that anticipated GTX280 55nm! It will be launched at NVISION 08 in San Jose, California. NVISION goes from August 25th-27th. With the shrinkage of the die from 65nm to 55nm you can expect that the Core clock, shader, and memory will be set higher.

The 55nm core basically lets the companies run a cooler card and let the costumers overclock the card better and stay cooler.
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