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GT200 striped naked!

The new GTX is almost set for a release date on June 18th. That is just before the new release of the rv770 card from ATI. This new GTX 280, code named GT200, looks like it will need one 6 pin and one 8 pin power connector.
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RV770XT 1.25X Faster than 9800GTX!

VR-zone today has got information that the new R700 cards are going to be a little faster than GeForce 8 series and 9 series cards.
"We have received some preliminary performance numbers from CJ for Radeon HD 4870 and 4850 vs the current GeForce 9800 series lineup. Apparently, RV770XT with GDDR5 (160W) will run 1.3X faster than RV770PRO with GDDR3 (110W). Two key factors that contribute to the difference in performance between the 2 cards: a 100MHz core clock difference and a faster GDDR5 at 1.96GHz vs GDDR3 at 1GHz. Interesting, RV770PRO will run 1.25X faster than GeForce 8800 GT/9800 GT while RV770XT will run 1.25X faster than GeForce 9800 GTX."

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Intel Nehalem chipset is X58!

This chipset is rumored to be released in Q4 of this year. It will be the first motherboard that will be able to support the Nehalem 45nm processor. This will not be the processor with 8 cores, but this is the one that is codenamed Bloomfield.

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9900GTS has 512bit!!

Today I found out that the 9900GTX does in fact have a 512 bit memory controller and 240 sp(shader processors). The only complaint that I have is that it still uses GDDR3 memory. How long are they going to keep using the same memory over and over again. They should be like ATI who is getting ready to use some brand new GDDR5 memory that can overclock to around 4ghz!!

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ASUS P45 P5Q3 Review!

There has been a review up on NordicHardware that reviws the new ASUS P5Q3 P45 chipset motherboard. The overclocking review on this board it very good. They tested it with the new QX9770. Check put more at NordicHardware.

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9800GT to go 65nm and 55nm?

I have learned today the the soon to be released 9800GT will be both 65nm and 55nm. Nvidia is still going to use the 65nm because it is more of a safety precaution to see if the 55nm does not work out. The 65nm will be based off of the G92 core and the 55nm will be off of the G92B. The G92B will just be clocked a little higher and be able to support Hybrid Power. The clock will be set at 900Mhz and 975 Mhz.

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New Intel Quantum Force P45!

Foxconn has released some pictures of there new motherboard the "Avenger." Th release of the P45 chip sets is a little over a month away, but they are getting ready. The motherboard will hace 2 PCI-E X16 slots and 3 PCI-E 1X slot. THe X16 slots are in fact PCI-E 2.0 and ready for Nvidia SLI or ATI Crossfire. This motherboard has a very cool feature in that you can adjust the settings or clocks of your cpu while in game with out loosing any performance. This makes it especially cool for 3DMark to know what exactly will get you the highest score without going into the BIOS.

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