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Tri-SLI GTX 280 Vantage score!

The guys over at Vr-zone have got their hands on three GTX 280's and they decided to run Vantage with Tri-SLI. This was tested with the QX9650 @4.0ghz. The overall score is very good, but i don't know what two of these can do and how good the scaling is. You guys can post your own 3dmark Vantage scores to compare these against and the 4850 crossfire scores.
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HD 4850 Corssfire Tested!!!

The 4850 has been tested in crossfire with 3dMark Vantage. According to the score of P11918 with a QX9650 @4.0ghz this beats one GTX 280 running the same specs. This is great news for the people who like ATI and running Crossfire. We have still yet to see a 4870 and 4870X2 run these sort of benchmarks, but I am still waiting.
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