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Nvidia Scared of ATI!!!

As a result of the 4800's being so well priced Nvidia is now scared. The have announced that they will lower the GTX's to start off at $399 while the 4870 will still be $349. This is great because now we can start to see some price pressure against the two company's. I am also really hoping that we will not see anymore $500-$600 dollar cards, no-one can afford the except for Maxishine.
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Official ATI HD 4870 Benchmark!!1

Finally we have official word straight from ATI that they have benchmarked the 4870 against the 9800GTX with AA and AF. This is a beat down of the 9800GTX by the 4870, but it is still not the GTX 280 or 260. This is really good for ATI considering that the 9800GTX was only released a couple of months ago and they beat it with their new technology.
The 4850 also has a considerable margin of victory over the 8800GT, which is still a great preforming card. What I am interested in is the margin between the Crysis. As I recall the 3870X2 was beat by the 8800GT with Crysis. This is outstanding benchmark by the 4850, but I want to see a benchmark where they show the FPS and not 1.4X better.
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