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ATI 4870X2 faster than GTX 280!!

The new card from ATI, 4870X2, prototype is out and according to sources it is faster than the GTX 280 in 3DMark Vantage! The 4870X2 card is made up of two RV770 cores put on one card with 2X256 bit memory and wither GDDR3 or GDDR5 memory. Sources say that the 4870X2 is scoring X5500 while the GTX 280 is scoring X4800 in Vantage. This is exceptionally good performance for a prototype card and I can not wait to see ATI get back in the Graphics card business.
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RV770XT Card sighted!!

Today I found these pictures of the soon to be released RV770XT. This is the card that will be the first one to have GDDR5 bit memory along with a 512 mb of memory.

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