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ATI 4870X2 REVIEW!!!

This is the first official review out for the ATI 4870X2(R700). For the most part this card puts a smackin down on the GTX280 over all tests except for Crysis where is loses about 3fps.

It also beats Crossfire 4870 in most of the tests and is the most powerful card of right now. This is really good considering this is only a preview that DriverHeaven and AnandTech

released and the drivers still have to be optimized! I say if ATI releases this card for under $500 everybody will be going crazy and ATI/AMD will pull themselves out from financial dept that they have caused themselves.

I would have to say for anyone who is about to buy the new Nvidia card that they have always been wanting, to wait and really check out this amazing new video card from ATI.
More review previews are up from:

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