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Top Ten Video Cards for the money.

I have had a while to look around and test some of the top of the line graphics cards out there and I have come up with this.

1. 8800GTS 512- beats the GTX and is close to the Ultra, which is still running $600.

2. HD 3870- just short of the 8800GT, but what do you expect for something $50 cheaper.

3. 8800GT- slightly slower that the GTX for $200 cheaper.

4. 9600GT-Very close to the 8800GT.

5. HD 3850- good card for a cheap price.

6. HD 3870X2- beats the ultra in most tests for $100 cheaper.

7. 8600GT- very good card for about $110.

8. 8800GTX- It has got a lot cheaper, but it is still about $400.

9. 8600GTS- little faster that the 8600GT, but $40 more

10. 9800GX2- fastest card out, but it is about $600! Who would want to pay that much.

So, 8800GTS 512 is a great card for the money and I use it every day to play games on a 50' flat screen. Works like a beast!

GeForce 9800GTX Exposed

Nvidia will release its newest graphics card on April Fool’s Day roughly one week from now.We have already established it will basically on paper be an overclocked version of the G92 8800GTS 512MB with three-way SLI support.Picture of the card which leave nothing to the imagination have emerged from a couple Chinese websites and the pictures have been posted on the VR Zone forum.


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