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Top Ten Video Cards for the money.

I have had a while to look around and test some of the top of the line graphics cards out there and I have come up with this.

1. 8800GTS 512- beats the GTX and is close to the Ultra, which is still running $600.

2. HD 3870- just short of the 8800GT, but what do you expect for something $50 cheaper.

3. 8800GT- slightly slower that the GTX for $200 cheaper.

4. 9600GT-Very close to the 8800GT.

5. HD 3850- good card for a cheap price.

6. HD 3870X2- beats the ultra in most tests for $100 cheaper.

7. 8600GT- very good card for about $110.

8. 8800GTX- It has got a lot cheaper, but it is still about $400.

9. 8600GTS- little faster that the 8600GT, but $40 more

10. 9800GX2- fastest card out, but it is about $600! Who would want to pay that much.

So, 8800GTS 512 is a great card for the money and I use it every day to play games on a 50' flat screen. Works like a beast!



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