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9900GTX 10.5" Long

VR-Zone has learned the the new 9900GTS is going to be 10.5" long and a dual slot cooler. This is not bigger the the 8800GTS or 9800GTX as they were all the same length. If they went any bigger, you would here a lot of complains the they are too big and do not fit in peoples cases!

My 3DMark Vantage score!!

Well I just got finished trying out the new 3DMark Vantage for DX10. I was actually a little disappointed with my score being that my computer plays DX10 games fairly simple and fast. It stared out very slow and taking a long time to load. The tests for the graphics did not look all that good, but my card, 8800GTS 512, was struggling and maybe averaging only 15-25 fps for both of the tests!

GDDR5 Testing!

The testing for the new GDDR5 chips are going very well. GDDR5 is very capable of hitting well over 4GHZ, but ATI said that they will slim it down to save power and heat. ATI has pumped out even more RV770 cores so they can put them on the market very soon. The Cards should soon be out to the testers so it should not be long until I get my hands on one of these new cards!

3DMark Vantage Released!

The newest version of the 3DMark series is here. 3DMark Vantage is the first true DX10 benchmark. THis means that it will be exclusively for Windows Vista. There is four parts to this test, two cpu and 2 graphics, plus six individual parts. This benchmark is going to take some serious hardware to run and get reasonable scores that were in 3DMark06(ex. in the 10,000's)


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