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Nvidia GTX275 specs revealed!

Some new specs have been revealed about Nvidia's up and coming GTX 275. It seems like it is going to be half of the GTX 295. The specs are

GPU: GT200 Rev.B 55 nm
Codename: D10U-25
Shades: 240 kpl
Memory: 896 MB GDDR3
Memory interphase: 448-bittinen
GPU clocks: 633 MHz
Shader-clocks: 1404 MHz
memory clocks: 1161 MHz (2322 MHz DDR)

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Pictures of the HD 4890!!

Over at Nordichardware they have uncovered some "naked" pictures pertaining to the much anticipated Hd 4890. The pictures are of ASUS's card that is really nothing more than an overclocked HD 4870.

Even thought it seems like just and overclocked 4870, ASUS has added some extra touches to theirs. They said that the HD 4890 with have an extra boost in overclocking because they have revised the power circuitry, allowing the card to have higher clock rates.

All I really want to see is the HD 4870 put in the same system as the 4890 was tested upon, to see just how much performance gain there is.

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ATI HD 4890 Benckmarks!

Supposedly this is the new new ATI HD 4890 video card heavily overlcocked at 1000/1125 MHz. The original clock speeds for this card were going to be 850/975 MHz, but this seems to be an overclocked version.

The card got a score of X5480 and seems to be on par with the GTX280-GTX285 because the CPU score is around the same. No one can say for sure that this is the HD 4890, but sources say that the card will be releasing with heavily overclocked models first.

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Download Internet Explorer 8!

You can now download Internet Explorer 8 HERE
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EVGA out with four GTS250's!

Today EVGA has released four different versions of the GTS250. The four models include 512mb as well as a 1gb model. There are two cards for the 512 and 1gb models which include a superclocked version of each. The superclocked versions have the following specs:

Core Clock: 771MHz
Processing Cores: 128
Memory Clock Speed: 2246MHz
Memory Bandwidth: 71.8GB/sec
Shader Clock Speed: 1890MHz
Bus: PCI-E 2.0

The normal card, not overclocked, has slightly lower clock speeds.

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