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One More 4870X2 Preview!

Guru3D has there ATI 4870X2 preview up and so far so good! It is like all of the other previews and almost all of the same games. The 4870X2 was paired up with an:

E8400 @3.0ghz
2gig of DDR3 memory
1000 watt Enermax power supply
Windows Vista 32 bit and XP 32 bit.

The games that were tested were:
Call of Duty 4
Race Driver: GRID
Mass Effect
3DMark Vantage

In all of those tests the 4870X2 and 4870 crossfire beat out the GTX280 in all of the tests. As far as overclocking, the 4870X2 does not overclock very well and Guru 3D put this on the overclocking page

"All in all... do it at your own risk."

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Intel Q6600 below $200!

TC Magazine has news of the Q6600 has just had a 14% price drop over the last couple of days. Along with a price drop ion the Quad Cores there was also a price drop in the 45nm dual core compartment. The E8500 got a substantial reduction by 31% bringing it from $266 to $183. Also the E8400 and the E7200 went down 11% and 13%.
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AMD supports Nvidia's PhysX!

An Israeli website by the name of reported that they have successfully run Nvidia's PhysX on an ATI 3800 video card. The site did not get a hold of the 4800 card because AMD was in short supply of the card and parts and especially short in Israel. This is good news for ATI to take advantage of Nvidia's PhysX.
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