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4850 for $189.99!!!!!!!!!

I found this on the Internet and it says that there is some 4850 in stock for only $189.99. I just about peed myself because ATI said it was going to be a sub $300 card! Check it out for yourself and maybe buy at:
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4850 Single VS Crossifire tested!!

The card has been tested and is preforming on par or beating the 9800GTX. Here is the test system:
E8400 @ 4Ghz

4Gb Gskill 8000
PQ HD4850 Default
Windows Vista 64 bit + SP1
Catalyst 8.5 (CD)

If you would like to see the performance numbers go to

Now lets see what the 4870 and the 4870X2 has to offer!!

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ATI 4850 Beats 9800GTX+ULTRA!!

The 4850 will launch on June 25th and is expected to beat out the 9800GTX and the ultra. It by all means beats them both with this translated version from French:

This is great new for a card that is going to be sub $300 and in crossfire mode it beats the GTX 280 :).

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