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RV770XT 1.25X Faster than 9800GTX!

VR-zone today has got information that the new R700 cards are going to be a little faster than GeForce 8 series and 9 series cards.
"We have received some preliminary performance numbers from CJ for Radeon HD 4870 and 4850 vs the current GeForce 9800 series lineup. Apparently, RV770XT with GDDR5 (160W) will run 1.3X faster than RV770PRO with GDDR3 (110W). Two key factors that contribute to the difference in performance between the 2 cards: a 100MHz core clock difference and a faster GDDR5 at 1.96GHz vs GDDR3 at 1GHz. Interesting, RV770PRO will run 1.25X faster than GeForce 8800 GT/9800 GT while RV770XT will run 1.25X faster than GeForce 9800 GTX."

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