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Geforce 9800GT reviewed

Written by Andreas G 19 March 2008 11:57

GeForce 9800GT is the successor the quite popular performance segment card GeForce 8800GT. The latter is based on the G92-270 core, and has been stripped of one shader cluster, which means that it has only 112 shader processors. The price and relative overclocking potential of the card has made it a sales success and one of the most common cards among mid-range benchmarkers. The GeForce 9800GT has been said to be quite similar and according to the review published by Chinese, it is.
The card has 112 shaders operating at 1625MHz, GPU running at 650MHz and memories clocked at 2000MHz, but the big difference between 8800GT and 9800GT is suppose to be the 3-way SLI support. The lack of 3-way SLI support is something we really missed with GeForce 8800GT, and it's nice to see that NVIDIA listened when we pointed this out.
Other than that, there are the same differences between all GeForce 8 series and 9 series cards; new and improved PCB and better power circuitry.



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