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GTX 280 benchmarked w/ Crysis!!

Pictures have been released pf the GTX 280 being benchmarked with Crysis. I do not know if it is in DX9 or DX10, but the stats are this. The game is running at 1920X1200 at very high settings. If the benchmark is running in DX9 mode this is terrible performance and even if it was in DX10 it is still not that great. This just gives us one more reason to wait to see what ATI cards will do.
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DsP said...

But you do notice tho, that the Quad is down clocked to 1.6ghz? Take a look at the cpu snapshot... It seems down clocked by an entire ghz. That would immensely slow Crysis. Maybe I am wrong, but why bench it like that? If someone had a quad to underclock, and run a similar benchmark to get an idea of impact on performance from that sort of gimping.. it may give us a better Idea of what is what...

scott said...

There is a thing that Intel does to its processors where if you are not using them at all they downclock and all of them run at 1.6ghz. I forgot the name of the process, but you can look it up dsp.

Anonymous said...

Speedstep? Even so if the CPU is under load it should be ramped up to full speed, that's the idea.

Anonymous said...

It is a Q6600 with the speedstep enabled. It drops the Multiplier down to 6. Mine does that everytime I try to screen shot CPU-Z as well. The FSB shown would be factory clock speeds under load (2.66 ghz).

scott said...

Yes, that is true so they might have taken the screen shot while it was not at full load. Even if it was not bumped up to full speed, that would be a preaty good score for a 1.6ghz Quad.


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