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ATI R700 NDA released!!

ATI said that this card has everything to be be "the worlds fastest card." Although they do not want full reviews out because they have not mastered the drivers. They have in fact released the final stats of the ATI 4870X2. The stats go as followed:

Codename: R700;
GPU: 2 x 55nm RV770, 750/750 MHz (core/shaders);
2 x 10 SIMD cores that include 2 x 800 scalar ALUs;
2 x 10 larger texture units; 2 x 40 texture addressing units;
2 x 160 texture fetch units; 2 x 40 bilinear filtering units;
2 x 16 ROPs; R
RAM: 2 x 1024MB GDDR5, 900 (3600) MHz;
Bus: 2 x 256-bit;
Slot: PCI-Express x16;
Interfaces: 2 x DVI (Dual-Link/HDMI), TV-out;
Hardware support for DirectX 10.1 and Shader Model 4.1.

I just cannot wait for this card to come out. My only problem is that I will not have enough money, but all I have to say is nice black style ans black pcb on the 4870X2!

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