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Rumor: Apple to use Nvidia Chipset!

Apple will supposedly be switching over to Nvidia chipsets according to NordicHardware. Apple made big news when it first switched over from AMD to Intel because of Integrated graphics.

Also over at PC Perspective , they made a list of possible reason the Apple would want to switch over to Nvidia chipsets. Here they are:

"1. NVIDIA has been developing an answer to Intel’s Montevina chip for a while and has not been shy about it

2. That same MCP79 chip has the ability to scale from ultra-low power versions to small-form-factor machines fitting in with Apple’s range of products

3. A new refresh on mobility discrete GPUs for the fall (and support for HybridPower and HybridSLI) combines with MCP79 for a very impressive mobile lineup

4.Insiders pointing at a switch in Apple’s MacBook hardware"

Apple has shown no interest in Intel's new Centrino 2 platform, which falls into the hands of Nvidia being very quiet about their mobile platfom and chipset.
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